Karkhoul is a planet populated by dragons.

Notable Native Citizens

  • Relen Surrex Darraca
  • Jasmine Jade Darraca
  • Icarus Salin Darraca
  • Darna "Sharpclaw" Khalpa (nee Darna Streya Darraca)
  • The 104th Wertin
  • Prion Zanpato Feari
  • Marien Yukute Feari

Relationships with Other Realms


  • The Egress (Kryptos Minimus)
  • Kryptos (Kryptos Certa)
  • Earth
  • Nikolai Bacatar Sorran Darraca Faram Anomala Chibu Roya


  • The Shade
  • Hironium
  • Nikolai-C (Corrupted Nikolai)

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